There was an article written by a labour leader by the name Gompers and this is said to be the origin of Mayday or Labour day.

His analysis is even more relevant in our world today, and a good understanding of the problem could help many to approach the right solutions

Gompers says that the workers’ first need is time… ..time, among other things and that time is for them to raise themselves to a higher plane.

In today’s age of social media, real-time news, and other ready amusements, What do you make of Gompers’ claims about time for self-improvement?

On his assessments; where the hours of labour are long, men are cheap.. and where men are cheap there is no necessity for invention…

How can you expect a man to work 10 or 12 or 14 hours at his calling and then devote any time to the invention of himself or the discovery of a new principle or force?

If he is so fortunate as to be able to read a paper he will fall asleep before he has read through the second or third line.

The man who works the long hours has no necessities except the barest to keep body and soul together, so he can work…

He goes to sleep and dreams of work; he rises in the morning to go to work; he takes his frugal lunch to work; he comes home again to throw himself down on a miserable apology for a bed so that he can get that little rest that he may be able to go to work again.

He is nothing but a veritable machine. He lives to work instead of working to live. The only thing working people need besides the necessities of life is time. Time.

Time with which our lives begin; time with which our lives close; time to cultivate the better nature within us; time to brighten our homes.

Time, which brings us from the lowest condition up to the highest civilization; time, so that we can raise men to a higher plane.

You will find that it has been ascertained that there is more than a million of our brothers and sisters—able-bodied men and women—on the streets, and on the highways and byways of our country willing to work but who cannot find it.

You know that it is the theory of our government that we can work or cease to work at will. It is only a theory.

You know that it is only a theory and not a fact. It is true that we can cease to work when we want to, but I deny that we can work when we will, so long as there are a million idle men and women tramping the streets of our cities, searching for work.

The theory that we can work or cease to work when we will is a delusion and a snare. It is a lie.

How then can one break away from the vicious circle of selling time for money? This is a big question and no one answers.

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I hope you find time to invest in yourself…

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